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Designing Women Catalog - front cover James Odgers


California's Designing Women
Exhibition book

Jayme Odgers photomontages
for Architectural Pottery

California Pottery:
From Missions to

Tyrus Wong Catalog


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Architectural Pottery by Vessel® USA
Vessel_S3_fireplace Vessel_th-2 Vessel_Lantern
Architectural Pottery by Vessel® USA
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Photo Portfolio --
Limited edition set of photomontages
by Jayme Odgers

Exhibition Catalog --
“Mid-Century Mandarin: The Clay
Canvases of Tyrus Wong."

Architectural Pottery
by Vessel® USA
Whenever you see trees or
plants in white cylinders -- in
homes or office buildings or
at gasoline stations -- it is
because of Architectural
Pottery. The company’s
Introduction of large modernist
vessels in 1950 helped fulfill
one of the major goals of
Mid-century Modern
architecture, breaking down
the barrier between interior
and exterior space. Now,
Architectural Pottery’s
earthenware vessels are
back in production. Both
practical and sculptural,
they are equally suited for
indoor and outdoor use.