Design is the art of the everyday: the form and function of commercial objects made for home, commerce, communications, and industry. The Museum of California Design is dedicated to honoring California's unique contributions to commercial design and to furthering the understanding of how design affects the way we live. The museum achieves these goals through innovative traveling exhibitions and educational programming.

Our interests cover everything from cups to cars—though not architecture—made in every conceivable material: upcoming exhibitions will focus on furniture, graphics, and pottery. These and other exhibitions, as well as our educational programs, demonstrate how California's innovative spirit has reflected, and often led, America's cultural and economic development, how it has shaped the way we have lived for more than a century, and how its influence continues to affect us. We devote particular attention to how design is created and those who create it.

We hope that you will help us continue fulfilling these goals.


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Bill Stern, executive director of the Museum of California Design, is an author and curator. His exhibitions include  California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism  -- San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2001 and Autry Museum in Los Angeles (2003);  Mid-Century Mandarin  and  The Clay Canvases Of Tyrus Yu Wong, CAFAM 2004.  He was the  Consulting Curator for LACMA’s 2011-2012 exhibition  California Design 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way  and he curated California’s Designing Women 1896-1986, which was presented at the Autry National Center in 2012-13.  His first book was California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism, with photographs by Peter Brenner, (Chronicle Books, 2001),, followed by  California’s Designing Women 1896-1986,  with photos by Larry Underhill (Museum of California Design, 2013).

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Super-Max Corporation

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John and Jennifer Jaffe
Palm Springs Modernism Week Bill Stern

Beverly Alison
Stephen Bothwell
H. Kirk Brown III and Jill A. Wiltse
John Caldwell
Richard Cipra
Lorca Cohen
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deasey/penner & partners
Fat Chance
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Our  Exhibition Lenders

We appreciate the generosity of those individuals and museums that have lent objects from their collections to our exhibitions:

LENDERS TO FRANK GEHRY: 40 YEARS OF PRODUCT DESIGN 1972 TO 2012, at JF Chen @ 1135, October 25, 2015 – November 7, 2015

JF Chen
Gemini G.E.L.
Elizabeth Kellen
David Limburger
Museum of California Design (gift of Heller)
Museum of California Design (gift of Knoll, Inc.)
Peter Ramirez
Reform Gallery
Barbara Spark
Bill Stern

LENDERS TO CALIFORNIA’S DESIGNING WOMEN 1896-1986Autry National Center, Los Angeles, August 10 2012 - January 6, 2013

Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman
Steve Aldana
Annex Galleries
Margaret Bach
John and Joanne Barrett
Dierdre and Steve Bolm
Steve Cabella
Joel Chen
Dr. Bruce Chernof and Dr. Dan Garcia
Michal Connor
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Arline Fisch
Dr. Andrew and Deborah Frank
Esther Ginsberg
Scott and Lauren Goldstein
Liz Graham
April Greiman
Bob Breen and Clare Graham
Eric Haeberli
Judith Hendler
Jaffe Family
Gere Kavanaugh
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Peter Loughrey
Mattel Inc.
Hilary and James McQuaide
Michael Gregg Michaud
Joseph Michael Morsman
Mingei International Museum
Museum of Arts and Design
Gerard O’Brian, Reform Gallery
Mark Stuart Ong
Otis College of Art and Design
Cher Pendarvis
Mark and Maura Resnick
Susan and Michael Rich
Steve Roden
Charles Rosenberg
San Diego History Center
Thomas Royal and Louis Cantabrana
Steve Soukup
Bill Stern
Deborah Sussman
Sheila Tepper
UCLA Library, Department of Special Collections

LENDERS TO A Survey of Eames Design from a Splint to a Chaise, Entenza House, Pacific Palisades, October 3, 2010

Joel Chen, JF Chen
Gary and Carmen Stiffelman

LENDERS TO Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman: Designs for Modern Living, Palm Springs Convention Center, February 13-15, 2009

Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman
Jeff Schuerholz
Fat Chance
Bill Stern

LENDERS TO The Classic Modernism of Architectural Pottery, Palm Springs Convention Center February 16 – 18, 2007

Dean Crane
Dr. Andrew and Deborah Frank
Reform Galery
Bill Hertel
Alan and Nora Jaffe
Stephen and Sara Sessa
David Skelley
Bill Stern

LENDERS TO Mid-Century Mandarin: The Clay Canvasses of Tyrus Yu Wong, Craft and Folk Art Museum, July 14 - October 31, 2004

Irene Poon Andersen
Bob Breen/Clare Graham
John Catlin
Bruce Chernof/Dan Garcia
Jack Chipman
Gary Keith
Leslee Leong
Leyla Cambel Leos
Museum of California Design
Greg Nestor
Kay Nishimto
Mark Peterson
Richard See
Son Vo
John and Maria Wakelin
Tyrus Wong

LENDERS TO CALIFORNIA POTTERY: FROM MISSIONS TO MODERNISM, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, July 20 – October 14, 2001
Autry Museum, July 4, 2003 – January 20, 2004

Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman
Steven Beals
Charles R. Bove
Carmen Brady/Pierre Allaud
Bob Breen/Clare Graham
Susie Tompkins Buell
Steve Cabella
Dean Crane
Dan Craver
Jack Chipman
Riley Doty
Jim Drobka
Jimm Edgar
Deleen Enge
Dan Fast
Dolores Fisher
Dr. Andrew Frank
Stanlee R. Gatti
Doug Hamilton
Heath Ceramics
Dan Huffman
Robert Hutchins
Steve Johnson
Norman Karlson
Gary Keith
Jerry Kunz
Max Lawrence
Petra Lopez Lefeber
Malcolm Leland
Armando Lopez
Tim Lukaszewski/Paul Preston
Margueritte and Harrison McIntosh
James Marrin
Museum Of California Design
Naomi's of San Francisco
National Park Service via
The Presidio Trust
Oakland Museum of California
Daniel Ostroff
Malinda Pretz
Roger Renick
Walter Schirra
June Scoggins
Steve Soukup
Bill Stern
Steve Temme
Tile Heritage Foundation
Li Vaughn
Mark Wadlinger
Cristi Walden
Barbara Willis
Mark Wiskow / Susan Strommer