Frank Gehry: 40 Years of Product Design 1972 to 2012







Frank Gehry, Club Chair and Coffee Table,
Heller, 2010
Photo: Louis Jacinto

Frank Gehry: 40 Years of Product Design 1972 to 2012

Curated by Bill Stern
At JF Chen@1135, Highland Ave. Arts District, Los Angeles, CA.
Oct. 25, 2015 – Nov. 7, 2015

Banners designed by Felis Stella, 2015

Although Frank Gehry has been amply recognized for his architecture, he has not received similar attention for his product designs, which were produced over the same period of time. That’s puzzling, because many of those products contain or are made of unexpected materials, materials that impart new vitality to the object’s form in much the same way Gehry’s building materials animate the forms of his structures.

As I researched Gehry’s products for our exhibition “Frank Gehry: 40 Years of Product Design 1972 to 2012,” I was stunned to discover that it would be the first-ever survey of his products. Of course, the exhibition included Gehry’s well-known corrugated paper chair in the Easy Edges line plus a wiggly ottoman. But that was just the beginning of four decades of creativity.

There were the several lines of jewelry produced by Tiffany & Co., among them Torque, Axis, Equus, Fold, Orchid, Flux, Wave and Fish: more than one hundred different pieces in all, including bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, pendants, necklaces, rings and bangles. And in a stunning variety of materials: from sterling silver to agate to diamonds.

And lighting - looming Clouds and extravagant Fish lamps – as well as an elegantly twisted glass bottle for Wyborowa Vodka in Poland, a handsome fish-themed tea kettle for Alessi in Italy and a sterling silver and cement ring for Tiffany & Co. Yes, cement!

Bill Stern

Sponsors of the Exhibition: JF Chen, Heller, The Jaffe Family, Knoll Inc.

Exhibition (detail)
Photo: MOCAD

Exhibition (detail)
Tiffany & Co., 2006
Onyx, pernambuco wood, nephrite green jade, acacia wood & sterling silver

Tiffany & Co., 2006
Sterling silver

Tiffany & Co., 2006
Brown-banded agate

Tiffany & Co., 2006
Sterling silver

Fossil GH-1023

Kettle, Alessi
Designed 1988, produced 1992-present
Mahogany, 18/10 polished stainless steel

Dishes and Vase
Tiffany & Co., 2006

Emeco, 2004

Frank Gehry Furniture Collection
Heller, designed: 2004
Rotational-molded polyethylene

Side Chair
Designed 1969-1972, produced 1972-present
Corrugated cardboard & fiberboard

Exhibition (detail) with Raymond Lee. Bret Witke, John Van Hamersveld and Alida Post 

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